Breast enlargement with fat

Breast enlargement with fat

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Breast enlargement with fat
Treatment duration

Treatment duration

liposuction + 1h

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Number of repetitions




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Breast enlargement with fat

Breast enlargement is the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Why? Because it’s not just the fact of having a big bust is the essence of this procedure. Breasts have always been a symbol of womanhood, an asset that not only focuses men, but also allows women to identify themselves as attractive people. Ladies who have decided on such a treatment declare that it has allowed them to change their image of themselves. They began to think about themselves positively, became more confident themselves. This significantly affected their quality of life as well as eliminated the jealousy of the appearance of other women.


They stopped to feel uncomfortable at the pool or on the beach, believing their attractiveness. Bust enlargement can be done in several ways, depending on the financial possibilities and expected effects. Implants occur in two types, ordinary and so-called anatomical shape. Many women decide on them because their dream shape is the perfect half of the ball.

In turn, for women who want their bust to be as natural as possible in appearance and touch, a new method of breast augmentation has been developed: transplantation of own fat.


An additional advantage of this type of surgery is the possibility of liposuction modeling the selected part of the body, so that the new breasts will show even better.

Breast enlargement with own fat (fat graft) is a procedure that has been performed for many years but is constantly improving.


During the procedure a liposuction of a given area of the body is performed and the resulting fat cells are transferred to the breast and implanted in the mammalian environment.

The treatment is not an alternative to permanent implants (with a bag) or gel (without a bag) because of the inability to change the shape of the bust with fat.

It can be a complementary treatment for fat and glandular defects in women who have lost their breasts after pregnancy or under weight loss and who are dependent on the natural appearance of the breasts.


Met the advantage. BEAULI is able to replenish tissues above the gland – bold so-called “cover”

The ideal patient is a woman who wants to change the shape of her body in one or more areas and improve the appearance of her breasts due to the loss of breast volume.

During the procedure, aqueous, ultrasonic or nutritious liposuction of the selected body area is performed, the fat obtained is processed in a lipo-caplet, where it is cleansed to the so-called. “pure graft”, in which there are only fat cells and saline or Ringer’s fluid.

(As you can easily guess, only part of the volume of removed fat will be suitable for transplant).

The material prepared with a thin cannula is soaked in a fatty mantle surrounding the gland and around the larger breast.


There are no obvious signs of bruising after administration.

Duration of surgery depends on the extent of liposuction performed for a given Patient, but it is a range of 1 to 2 hours (in one area).

The treatment is completely painless due to the two kinds of anesthesia.

Local tumescent fluid is administered intravenously, anesthetically administered sedative drugs (which cause drowsiness but not narcosis).

Soreness and convalescence after surgery are different and affect almost exclusively the area where fat cells are collected. Treatment recommendations are therefore typical of liposuction surgery.


Fat transplant

Own body fat is the best natural filler that is transplanted from one’s own body to be tolerated by the body, and the resulting effect will be natural and long lasting.

An important advantage of transplanting your own body fat is the ability to transplant your own stem cells to increase the survival of fat cells.

The method is most commonly used to enlarge and model the breasts and buttocks, but also to enlarge the mouth, reduce wrinkles, replenish the defects and smooth the folds.

Patients who have opted for the treatment also appreciate the possibility of modeling the silhouette by performing liposuction – removal of excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, waist and short recovery time after surgery.


The most common fat transplant procedure is performed in the area:

• Face,

• Breast,

• neck

• neckline

• buttocks

• hand.

• arms

• genitals (labia)

Why worth it?

• Safe and effective method

• Long lasting effect

• 100% natural appearance

• Ability to transplant own stem cells

• The first effects of the treatment are visible right away

• The treatment is characterized by short duration and convalescence

• Lipofilling can be combined with other treatments such as liposuction

• Because our own tissue does not have allergic reactions after surgery

• no scar – small incisions heal practically helpless

• the treatment can be repeated

• is minimally invasive, painless and safe

Who is the treatment for?

For every woman who wants to enlarge and fashion her breasts while making liposuction

Indications for surgery

•  breast enlargement and firming

• Reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead

• Filling of furrows and folds

• oval improvement and elimination of facial asymmetry

•  Eliminate the shadows under the eyes

• cheek modeling (eg sunken cheeks)

• filling of post-traumatic and postoperative scars

• enlargement of the mouth

• Improved shape and enlargement of buttocks and calves

• Soften the outline of bone tissue

Contraindications to surgery

•  Too low body weight

• Kidney, liver, heart disease

• blood coagulation disorders

• diabetes

• inflammations

• pregnancy

• Cancer


Disqualified are also untreated systemic diseases, changes in ultrasound imaging, poor blood test results, dislocation of position and shape of the breast.

Recommendations after surgery

For 3-4 weeks you should:

• wear a sports bra

• You can not sleep on your stomach

• do not practice sport – swimming aerobic gym (you can only practice lower body parts)

• Solarium and sauna should also be avoided during this time

• Absolutely avoid squeezing

• The breast can be gently massaged

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nformation for patients


Duration of treatment
duration of liposuction + 1 H

Required tests
current breast ultrasound, blood tests: morphology, coagulogram, glucose, ionogram

local + intravenous (sedation)

Staying at clinic
After surgery the patient may return home / ambulatory

about 3 weeks

Taking off of stitches
after 7-10 days

Visible effects
immediate and lasting effect after 3 months

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