Closing the capillaries

Closing the capillaries - photon XP, Nd: Yag, EVRF IPL

Laser Fotona XP emits light (with a wavelength of 1064 nm), which is the most deeply penetrating laser beam on the market that can destroy the vessel of large diameter hidden deep under the skin. At the same time thanks to a homogeneous penetration has a wide spectrum of applications and minimizes the risk of tissue damage. Quantum pulses of photons ensure high safety and effectiveness of treatment. Deep penetration Nd: Yag effectively coagulates deep vascular structures, makes a strong rejuvenation – eliminates thermal micro-deep in the skin. The high peak power pulses provide effective coagulation of tissue from deep penetration of Nd: Yag allows you to perform procedures quickly and safely. IPL device is used for leveling of erythema, or skin redness permanent.


The duration of treatment is from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the treatment area.

Immediately after the procedure skin surface may be slightly red and swollen. The treatment should be repeated for a total effect two or three times.


Indications for procedure

• Hemangiomas

• Expansion vessels – cherry hemangioma, star, ruby

• Malformations of the venous and arterial vessels

• Erythema fixed, ignitable