1. Consultation and diagnostics of organ motion

A – specialist consultation

B – expanded consultation


  1. specialist consultation

Discomfort within organ motion not always is the result of history of trauma or overload. Part of them is caused a hidden infection, immunological disorders or dietary mistakes etc.

Therefore careful specialist consultation lets not only affirm what kind of symptoms are or damages, but it can catch a cause ( or even more causes), which the illness bring.


-joint pain can be caused a chronic infection worked in distant place e.g in urinary system, respiratory system or even in mouth (tooth decay).

– knee pain can be caused changes in hip-joint.


Consultation doesn’t involves only reading description of tests with which patient came, but mainly n the conversation and the proper examination of the patient. As a result in many cases knowing causes of the disease can be planned a competent casual treatment not only symptomatic.


  1. Specialist consultation 2 in1 (expanded)

Sometimes during first visit it can be shorten waiting time for diagnosis and makes ultrasound (USG). If a consultant finds a treatment as sufficient and he does not indicate, a patient needs other test, he can plane treatment. The advantage of this solution is shorten time from consultation to beginning of treatment and lower costs visit in compare with the sum of three visits ( consultation 1, ultrasound test, consultation2)



Ultrasound (USG)

During consultation, if the Orthopedic surgeon deems it necessary, can be performed ultrasound examination. We make it to appraise the extent of the pathological changes, confirm or exclude our suspicions. This examination enables us assess tissue also during movement ( we cannot observe it in the X-ray or MRI). It is very valuable and can significant change the way of treat. It is easily accessible and it can be repeated many times without a signification risk of complication. Ultrasound examination is not only an additional test. Sometimes it is necessary to make X- ray, MRI, Ct scan or blood test etc. Ultrasound assists in the performance of some treatments such intraarticular injection or periarticular.