Injections intra – and periarticular

Injections intra - and periarticular

Injections intra - and periarticular

In our center we perform injections into the joints and extra-articular tissues. Sometimes it is a simple procedure especially, if the destination is readily available, for example fluid reservoir is located above the kneecap just under the skin. In contrast, when the destination is less readily available eg for thicker subcutaneous tissue, the distortion of tissue, adhesions, reduced mobility etc. treatment may require a lot of experience and support USG. Puncture / injection under ultrasound guidance improves the chance to reach the designated place for the first time.


This may shorten the procedures and increase the effectiveness of therapy.

The most common puncture / injection are:

  • fluid reservoirs puncture – ganglion, cyst, wallets
  • injection of formulations of hyaluronic acid in the joints (especially the knees, hips)
  • injection of preparations autogenous (PRP, stem cells) in the vicinity of the damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles.