Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Hair Removal Laser Light EVO

The aim of the laser is to achieve fast, gentle and effective therapy. This is possible thanks to the special design (construction) pulse module (each laser pulse is comprised of a series of short pulses). The epidermis has enough time between pulses to dissipate heat and protect against thermal damage of the skin. The patient during surgery may feel little pain, which is minimized by the refrigerator.

laser-do-depilacji-laserowejThis laser has a large range of pulse lengths, so that treatment can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient (eg. In patients with dark complexion, from I to IV types of skin).

The best results can be achieved by performing from 4 to 6 laser hair removal treatments. In the first place hair in growth phase(anaben) are removed, followed by removal of the hair remaining in the sleep phase (telogen). The duration of this phase is 3 – 8 weeks.

Preparing for surgery

For a period of 4 weeks before surgery you should not remove hair with the hair wax, tweezers and epilator. 1 – 2 days before surgery hair should be shaved with Italian razor to be minimally visible

Laser Hair removal E-Light (IPL+RF)