Laser Vaginal Revitalization

Laser Vaginal Revitalization

Laser Vaginal Revitalization

Laser treatment is the revitalization of the vagina, interchangeably called laser vaginal shrinkage is non-invasive, safe method to improve the functioning of the reproductive organs. Its performance also increases satisfaction with marital intimacy.

Treated patients do not require anesthesia. Before the surgery they must have a current Pap smear, made up to six months, and eventual medical records of treatments completed in intimate surroundings.


Indications for surgery

Past births, obesity, stress, heavy physical work, sports strength, hormonal disorders and menopause weaken the structure of the pelvic floor muscles, and also have a degrading effect on the mucous membrane of the vagina.

The treatment is intended for women who are struggling with the problem of vaginal relaxation team, ie. The weakening and loosening tissues of the vaginal wall, as well as the surrounding structures, caused by a history of childbirth or menopause. The indication for surgery is also a reduction in the quality of sexual experience or even the inability to achieve sexual satisfaction and stress urinary incontinence.


What is the procedure?

During the procedure, the doctor inserts laser head into the vagina. The laser beam heats the collagen contained in the tissue located at the entrance of the vagina and its channel. Collagen in contact with the higher temperature starts shrinking, the fibers become short and coarse, which also leads to shrinkage of the laser irradiated tissues which become more and flexible. This type of interaction of the laser specialists refer to as fotothermal,non-ablation tension and shrinking of the vagina. In addition, ablation stimulates fibroblasts and collagen formation, in other words, the vagina becomes narrower.

The treatment laser of shrinking sheath typically takes about half an hour and does not require hospitalization it. Is preceded by a visit to the consultant the purpose of which is to determine the health status of the patient and her medical history.


When does the effect appear?

The effect of treatment does not appear immediately. Collagen fibers need time for reconstruction. The first effects are felt by patients after approx. 30 – 40 days. In some patients, however, the rebuilding process takes longer and the effect can occur only after a period of six months.

Durability of the effect depends on the patient’s age.In women of childbearing potential effect is longer lasting and may persist for many years, or up to next spontaneous delivery, during which are re-stretched tissues. In postmenopausal period durability of effect is conditioned by the use of additional therapies (pharmacological and physiotherapy). Regular Kegel muscle exercises sustain the effect for a longer time.


The number of treatments needed

Usually just one treatmentis recommended, although each case must be approached individually. If the degree of stretch of the tissue is high, and the woman is not fully satisfied after the first treatment – a process of shrinking the vagina using a laser can be repeated after about a month’s break.

The effect lasts for about two years after the procedure. Its effectiveness relies on regular Kegel muscle exercises, namely the systematic tightening and loosening team pelvic floor muscles.