Mesotherapy is a procedure that relies on direct injection of nourishing substances to deeper skin layers.   It improves metabolism of its cells that increase the production of collagen and elastin. This greatly precise stimulation of dermis provides effects comparable with plastic surgery methods, therefore, mesotherapy is frequently called “lifting without operation”. 


Ready-made preparations such as Plinest, Placentex, IAL System, Skin B, Skin R, Surgilift are used for injection. Those preparations  comprise hyaluronan, amino acids and pre-amino acids as well as poliribonucleotides.  Their function except for the above-mentioned stimulation causes cell-level accumulation of considerable amounts of water.  Combination of those functions gives skin bright, youthful looks.


Mesotherapy is also very effective as  a method of body skin quality improvement, including cellulite, stretch marks and scars reduction  as well as strengthening of hairy head skin. Except for the above-mentioned substances multi-agent preparations so-called cocktails are used for mesotherapy. Composition is selected individually by a doctor and is dependent on the effect we desire to achieve.  Mesolift is one of the most frequently used cocktails. It provides the effect of lifting and rejuvenating.  Its basis is hyaluronan, vitamins, mineral salts, nucleic acids and coenzymes. It might be used for face and neck as well as other body parts that require skin condition improvement.


The use of mixtures with coffeine, melilotus, procaine and enzymes brings great effects. They modify cell metabolism of stroma, skin blood vessels, and combination of their actions brings excellent anti-cellulite effect. Mesotherapy procedures are performed cyclically. In the beginning 2-3 procedures are performed in short time intervals, then supporting injections every few months.  

Procedures are burdened with inconsiderable soreness, in addition, however, regional anaesthesia with EMLA ointment is possible.



Dermaheal stem crum HL


The revolution in the treatment of hair loss. The effect is visible after the first treatment. Mesotherapy with stem cells nourishes and improves the condition of the hair and scalp, increases the volume of bulbs, causes hair growth and prevents hair loss. Stem cells (adipose-derived Stem Cells – ASC) are somatic stem cells, which are present in adipose tissue. ASC cells are pluripotential many of which are located in tissues and are therefore ideal as a source of cells in regenerative medicine. In addition, preparations enhance the differentiation of adult stem cells for skin cells, thereby preventing hair loss.

PRP platelet rich plasma


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or treatment performed with the resulting platelet-rich plasma. We obtain platelet rich plasma by centrifuging the blood from the patient’s vein immediately prior to surgery. This treatment gives long-lasting effects on the regeneration and revitalization of the skin.

The method is natural and biocompatible with the body of the patient. Currently, the PRP derived from our own blood becomes appreciated way by patients to revitalize the skin by: thickening of the skin, smoothing wrinkles, reducing scars and stretch marks.

Platelet rich plasma can be inserted into the skin in treatments:

  • needle mesotherapy
  • needle-free mesotherapy
  • masks combined with CO2 fraction lasers
  • masks combined with  medical peeling