Arthrosis or osteoarthritis

Arthrosis or osteoarthritis

Patients with osteoarthritis, who do not feel the improvement of the existing pharmacological treatment or rehabilitation may seek advice from us or other methods (besides radical surgery) can be applied in their case.


We can offer them different types of regenerative therapies:

  • autogenous therapies preparations that is derived from the patient’s tissues
  • platelet-rich plasma taken from the patient’s blood
  • stem cells devided from adipose own bone, marrow or blood.
  • intraarticular injections also (under the control of ultrasound) different types of hyaluronic acid combined with other substances.

The advantage of therapy with isolated from own tissues is high security. The product, which comes entirely from own body does not make a risk of rejection and induce adverse reactions such as the use of artificial, foreign immunologically substances.


With huge experience of our center in gaining body fat (20 years) and accessories of the highest quality equipment  for the making of autogenous preparations we offer patients high-quality regenerative therapy.


This therapy is most often used for osteoarthritis:

  • knee
  • hips
  • ankle
  • elbow
  • shoulder joint
  • shoulder – collarbone joint


There are a lot of the causes of osteoarthritis (a history of trauma, congestion, inflammation). Surgeons willing to treat surgically implanted prosthetic joint, but before the surgery it is well to make sure that other treatments less invasive with less risk of complications would be sufficient for the patient. Their use does not close the way prior to any surgery.