Radio waves

Thermacoll Face Lift – treatment technology based on radio waves. In the course of treatment is followed by heating the collagen in the skin to a temperature of 50-60 0C, which causes damage to the old collagen fibers with subsequent formation of new collagen. Face Lift Thermacoll volume heats the dermis and subcutaneous tissue while cooling the epidermis.


Effects of increasing thickness and elasticity of the skin act up to 6 months after surgery and persist for about 2 years. Thermacoll Face Lift is a non-invasive treatment for rejuvenating the skin effect strongly.


Treatment is recommended for those with so-called. drooping eyelids, slack skin, chin, cheeks, forehead, neck, lower and upper parts of the face, forearms, and abdomen, arms and legs.

Radio Frequency RF microneedle


Fractional RF treatment is widely used in fractional rejuvenation and firming the skin. The most common treatments which are performed using radio waves rejuvenation, skin firming face and body, removing stretch marks and scars. A device for RF micro needle is terminated by the head of 25 to 80 microneedles that the infusion site at a depth of 0.3 to 0.5 mm are heated throughout. In this way, a shock thermal excitation processes leading to regeneration and remodeling of the collagen structure. By heating we cause the process of renewal of the dermis, and consequently give the impression of skin firm and elastic. The radio frequency micro needle knows exactly how far and at what temperature we get to successive layers of the skin, therefore treatment gives great results supported by precision and safety.


The operation and effects of the treatment of fractional RF:

• regeneration and nutrition of the skin

• tension and firming the skin, thereby smoothing out wrinkles

• reduction of scars, stretch marks, cellulite

• shortness of acne scars

• preventive anti-aging

• Rosacea

• Breastfeeding