Sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy and echosklerotherapy are variations of the same method, in which a chemical is injected into the revised vein (venous spider or varicose vein). Injection of the drug causes damage to the inner layer of the vessel (endothelial cells), responsible for the free circulation of the blood. In such a damaged vein flow ceases, a certain volume of blood in arrears in the vein for several, weeks., At that time the gradually disappears vessel until it is completely “absorbed”.There are no scars on the skin as in the case of surgery.


Treatments varied are according to the size of the vessels are going to be closed:

Typical sclerotherapy relates generally to small changes vein having a diameter of 0.5 – 1 mm, these are telangiectasia (or more precisely venulectasia) called “spider veins venous”. They are injected with liquid and less concentrated formulation with use of small, low-resistance syringes and very thin needles (32 / 30G).


Foam Sclerotherapy -For for small, medium and large varicose veins. They are closed  using the same formulation, but with a higher concentration and form of foam, mixed with air or CO2, such action increases the volume of the formulation and thus better contact with the vessel wall. two syringes and adapter for their connection to the injection site and slightly thicker needles 25G are used.


Echosklerotharapy may be a variant of any of these methods. It involves insert in the deeper veins with ultrasound guidance in order to close them – this applies particularly inefficient for (bad) joining – perforating veins.

Sclerotherapy is a safe, effective procedure very little invasiveand, having a wide spectrum. A minor drawback of the method is that the cores do not disappear at once, but over a period of several weeks, depending on the size of sealed vessels. Therefore, it should be carried out in the period from autumn to spring, to “give time” to achieve the desired effect.

It is now believed that very interesting and promising is the inclusion echosklerotherapy as a means of supplementing the intravascular treatment of varicose veins with lasers or radio waves.