Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy

Looking at the results of previous studies and stem cells is a very promising method of treatment..
Stem cells are multipotencial cells having the ability to reproduce and differentiate into specialized cells to cartilage cells, bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments and fat, replacing damaged cells of the tissue.


At the same time they produce active substances biologically, which contribute to reduce pain tissues and attracts other cells useful in tissue regeneration.
Stem cells may be isolated from many tissues of the body. A good source is a fat tissue, bone marrow and blood.


One of the sources of obtaining stem cells is that fat tissue, which gives great flexibility in aesthetic medicine. In easy way it can isolated stem cells.
They are especially used in orthopedics and sports medicine (changes degenerative)
joints and tendons, chronic sports injuries, eg. tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, degeneration
Achilles tendon, heel spurs, reconstruction of cartilage tissue and bone), but also in
aesthetic medicine (skin revitalization, regeneration wrinkles, maintaining the vitality
transplant fat) and other specializations.


How long is the procedure and what is? The treatment takes about 50 minutes. A suitable amount of fat tissue of the patient (40 ml)is processed using specialists tangential device UniStation™, which separates and concentrates individual, biologically active elements. Slide preparation is injected in the placement. The whole process is fully closed, sterile and safe. The therapeutic effect of the use of stem cells can be reinforced further injection platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP contains growth factors repair, stimulates repair proccesses and function of stem cells and wound healing. Besides induces processes angiogenesis (blood vessel formation), which in results is better blood circulation in the tissue and thus its nutrition. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. No other form of therapy cannot cause such a strong process in repair, stem cells and PRP, which in this way to perform their natural function.


Is therapy with ADSC safe? The biggest advantage of using stem cells therapy is minimized risk of complications – given to the patient material comes from his own body (full compliance tissue). It is a guarantee of safety and no risk of rejection.


The method of obtaining stem cells from the machine Unistation ™

The method of obtaining stem cells from the patient’s own body fat is considered to breakthrough in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. With it, it can treat many diseases. Stem and regenerative cells increasingly used to treat diseases degenerative arthritis in orthopedics, tendons and ligaments injuries in sports medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine. Stem cells are found in every human body but over the years we have them fewer and fewer. In our body they acted as corrective and reconstructive. They move in the body through the bloodstream and disclose their activity in a damaged cell or tissue. Unfortunately, our joints, tendons and meniscus are poorly supplied with blood areas therefore there are difficulties of body in their spontaneous regeneration or repair. Osteoarthritis is a progressive process of damage to articular cartilage and subchondral bone, which causes pain and stiffness of joints. It is a consequence of completed inflammatory conditions, including rheumatoid, injuries or minor damage and sometimes simply aging body. This condition leads to considerable physical handicap, restriction activity and quality of life. The consequence is obesity heart and circulatory disease. The current standard treatment including exercise, viscosuplementations, anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines brings only limited effects. Recent studies have shown that adult stem cells obtained from adipose tissue /ADSCs Adipose Derived Stem Cells/ can differentiate into cartilage and bone which gives a potential treatment for osteoarthritis. (Diekman et al, 2010; Kern i wsp. 2006). Cartilage regrowth has been demonstrated in animal models. (Dragoo et al, 2007; Cui i wsp. 2009). Conducted human studies have demonstrated its safety and efficacy in Phase I and II clinical trials with the two-year follow-up (Garcia – Olmo et al, 2005; Garcia – Olmo i wsp 2008 i 2009). Given intraarticular additional stem cells from their own body fat with PRP tend to regenerate and repair damaged cartilage tissue and reduce inflammation and joint pain.


The repair process takes several months, but some patients improvement the state even in a few weeks. In the treatment of inflammatory and traumatic tendons and ligaments (eg. The so-called Tennis elbow) stem and regenerative cells served locally in the vicinity of the damaged structures. Unistation ™ method is an enzymatic-mechanical method obtaining stem cells from an own fat tissue and has the highest number of derived stem cells from processed fat than other methods available in the market. Thanks to this patient’s pain disappears faster than using other methods. The process of obtaining stem cells using the method Unistation ™ has been reduced to about 50 minutes, so there is no need for hospitalization of the patient. The procedure is performed anesthesia local on an outpatient basis. Concentrated stem cells can be used for direct injection, or may be included in lipotransfer ( fat tissue graft) used for reconstructive surgery procedures.